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Seeking something more? Want to get dialed in for next level adventures? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Adventure Operations Group (AOG).   Follow us as we bring you close to people that inspire, missions that challenge, new gear and skills that will help you go Beyond Normal Limits.

  • Need a renewed sense of what is important and not?

  • Are you inspired by people who ‘hang it out’?

  • Need some work on how you focus and manage fear?

  • Do you understand your relationship with failure?  Hint- It inspires winners.  

  • It’s not the goal, it’s the process of attaining the goal.  

Follow us for beyond normal limits adventures, live action events, interviews, you tube series and Seminars.  Check out our amazing stories of adventure by special ops veterans, extreme athletes, outdoor guides and other amazing individuals.  Tune up your skills in overland, mountaineering, paddling, surf, survival, travel, fitness and more.  




AOG is veteran owned and operated.  Our ethos is inspired by freedom, adventure and pushing further, farther and reaching new limits. We help individuals to seek out new challenges and pursue high achievement. We live in an amazing country, with opportunities for inspiring experiences almost everywhere. We create original content, and curate the best 'Beyond Normal Limits' stories of epic adventures, gear, business, travel and more.  We like off-road, climbing stuff, mountain life, surf life and staying-ready.  We'll bring you great gear and bold adventures.  Join AOG and get  Beyond Normal Limits.

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Our missions are unlike anything you have experienced.  Alpine climbing and summit missions, solo movement and survival, shooting, driving and VIP Protection are some of the ops you can choose from to experience the thrill of overcoming challenging objectives and enhancing your capabilities while learning from expert instructors. 

We believe we should never stop exploring our operational boundaries, developing new capabilities and pursuing epic experiences.  We are warrior athletes, leaders, innovators and teammates with a passion for training, adventure and driving on to the next objective.  

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