Beyond Normal Limits


John started his career of handling weapons and learning to handle high stress situations while serving over six years as a light infantry scout on a reconnaissance team in the army. After his military service he served 11 years on a full time SWAT team handling over 250 operational missions which included hostage rescues, high risk warrant service, bus and vehicle assaults, high risk surveillance operations and dignitary protection details.  John's diverse background launched him into the unconventional security industry where he has served over 1500 operational days in all regions of the world.  John is a qualified sniper, explosive breacher, H&K and Colt carbine instructor, SWAT instructor, DCJS weapons and driving instructor.  John has provided close protection and C.A.T team support for high net worth individuals, celebrities, local politicians, Congressional delegations, the Speaker of the House and POTUS. 

Josh Burmeister

Josh Burmeister began his military career as a Data Systems Technician in the US Navy.  Not satisfied with the technical field, he transitioned to the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) school, where he worked for the rest of his career.  He left the Navy after nine years as Chief of Special Projects to pursue civilian opportunities.  Josh was hired as VP of East Cost Operations for a leading tactical gear manufacturer, and within months took responsibility for all national retail operations.  In 2007, he started Grey Group Training, LLC.  Grey Group provided equipment, training and consulting for military, law enforcement and security professionals and combined a successful retail/ecommerce store with facilitating over 100 tactical training courses annually around the US.  Josh sold Grey Group in 2013 to a Virginia based holding company. 

Josh has worked as a security team member and team leader throughout multiple deployments for the USG in support of national objectives.  His success in providing critical services in the government sector led others to seek him out for commercial projects.  He has worked as an executive protection detail member, protecting billionaire clients and employees of corporations, both domestically and internationally.  Josh's success in the security and as an entrepreneur has made him a sought after consultant for security organizations, tactical and outdoor gear manufacturers, small businesses, authors, TV shows and video games.  He is Director of Special Projects, and holds a seat on the advisory board for The Deliver Fund, a non-profit organization that assists in the return of victims of human trafficking.  He also currently consults for a multi-million dollar business unit of a major US defense firm supporting national security objectives. 

Sean Kobia

Well known for his passionate enthusiasm, Sean is mission minded and always armed with a spirit of adventure that embraces challenges.  He is a well traveled and seasoned leader with years of high performance operations experience in military and corporate environments. Sean served for 12 years as a US Marine and is now a successful corporate leader with a leading, global healthcare manufacturer.  He thrives on collaborating with people at all levels of an organization and bringing out the greatness that every individual possesses.  Sean goes "Beyond Normal Limits" in almost every pursuit and this mindset is reflected in his outdoor lifestyle.  He is a frequent guest of the mountains, rivers and wilderness areas in North and Central America, and is routinely found sharpening his skills in wilderness photography, surfing, cycling, kayaking, hunting and backcountry travel.  He continues his quest to learn and create new adventures and recently began riding dual sport motorcycles with the goal of conquering the Trans America Trail. 

David Rutherford

Navy SEAL David Rutherford is one of the top motivational speakers in the world. His high energy, high impact style of speaking and training is the perfect compliment to Brad's dynamic focus.  David served honorably in the SEAL teams for 8 years as a student, combat paramedic, instructor and operator.  He has performed dangerous and sensitive missions around the world.  Since leaving the Navy in 2003 David has served as an international training and security specialist for one of the largest private security firms in the world along with the US Government.  In 2006 David created Froglogic Concepts LLC.  This unique motivational training company has touched over a million people since it's beginning.  As a Behavioral Training Specialist, David has perfected all aspects of training people, no matter what their background or profession,  on how to achieve the SOF focus in any environment imaginable.  David specializes in de-constructing the human condition and rebuilding it to fit the operational requirements of any organization.

Brad Christian

A dynamic leader known for operational (SOF) focus and delivering results.  Highly adaptable and equally comfortable leading epic outdoor missions, boardroom presentations or operating in high risk environments.  An expert at Beyond Normal Limits performance.  Brad founded AOG in 2009 to offer high impact adventure and tactical training to motivated teams and organizations.  As a former Green Beret, he lives the warrior ethos in all pursuits and embodies the unconventional mindset and adaptability of the Army's quiet professionals.  An accomplished adventurer, tactical instructor, corporate leader and international traveler, he has trained and prepared hundreds of students to work in high threat environments, operated extensively around the world and created custom leadership events for elite small teams.

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