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Are you trapped in the ‘normal’? Is your life over-scheduled, over connected and routine with demands on your time that you can’t keep up with. The pace of technological change, global disruption, 24-hour news and the ‘always-on’ digital connections we have with work, people and products are good, but are so overwhelming on our senses that we forget what it’s like to be quiet, to focus to explore and create epic experiences. We end up accepting that normal is the best we can do. Normal work, schedules, diet, fitness, goals and travel are ok, after all the world tells us to be normal.

All of us are at risk of sliding into the pattern of accepting less than we should from ourselves. Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than just normal? Are you seeking something bigger and ready to get dialed in for next level adventure & travel? Are you inspired by those who ‘hang it out’ and curious about what it takes? Here’s a secret, elite performance and next-level experiences are not just the domain of special operations commandos, professional athletes or the Uber-rich. When was the last time you took inventory of your capabilities? No matter who you are, you are capable of pushing farther, reaching the next level and going beyond your normal limits. If you’re tired of normal and are ready to take your life to the next level, well you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Adventure Operations Group (AOG).

We believe we should never stop exploring our operational boundaries, developing new capabilities and pursuing epic experiences.  We are warrior athletes, leaders, innovators and teammates with a passion for training, travel and adventure.     

Get ready to go Beyond Normal Limits.



AOG is veteran owned and operated.  Our ethos is inspired by freedom, adventure and pushing further, farther and reaching new limits. We create original content, and curate the best 'Beyond Normal Limits' stories of epic adventures, gear, business, travel and more. We'll bring you closer to bold adventures.  Join AOG and get  Beyond Normal Limits.

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Our mission

Follow us for beyond normal limits adventures, live events, interviews and videos.  Connect with other AOG members around the country. Check out our stories of adventure by special ops veterans, extreme athletes, outdoor guides and other amazing individuals.  Tune up your skills in overland, mountaineering, paddling, surf, survival, travel, fitness and more.  

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