​​​​In Extremis Exfil Course

The AOG In-Extremis exfil course introduces students to the techniques necessary to survive solo or small group movement following an emergency situation that requires evacuating a danger area to facilitate survival or rescue. 

Terrorism, Active shooter threats, natural disasters, social unrest or a weekend wilderness adventure are all situations that may present you with the need to move, under stress, in order to survive.   Short duration/high intensity moves as well as longer duration moves requires skill and practice. 

Movement under extremis conditions involves speed, decision making under stress, individual skill, adaptability and situational awareness.  Stress, caused by various factors experienced during extremis movement can lead to diminished mental and physical performance.  The best way to prepare for movement under extremis conditions is through education and training.

Decision making under stress is critical in most aspects of life.  The AOG In Extremis Exfil Course is unique in the field of survival training in that we focus on individual performance on basic tasks under stress.   

Individual and team skills:

  • Threat recognition
  • Deciding to move
  • Navigation
  • Gear
  • Moving with a load
  • Rural and Urban environments
  • Field expedient survival (fire, water, shelter, tools, weapons)
  • Identifying hard points (shelter in place)
  • Signaling and communications
  • Link ups and rescue

Students in this course are taught how to move safely and quickly while surviving under unexpectedly arduous conditions.  The ability to demonstrate situational awareness, decisiveness and apply basic individual skills under pressure is required to successfully complete the In Extremis Exfil Course.

In Extremis Exfil Course- (1 day)- $225

Ideal for:
Teachers, Students, Military/Law Enforcement, Corporate Staff, Security Directors, Executives, Journalists, International Travelers,

Course Pre-Requisites and Gear:

  • AOG Bio Sheet
  • Required Gear
    • Hiking shoes/mid-weight boots (broken in)
    • Day pack
    • Shirt/Pants/Lightweight jacket designed for outdoor use
    • 1 L Nalgene or similar water bottle

Go Beyond Normal Limits with Adventure Operations Group.  AOG leads training courses, guided operations and custom programs that are unlike anything you have experienced.  You'll climb, shoot, drive, paddle and think your way through amazing adventures and challenging objectives.  Move with a mountain team and learn how to operate in advanced alpine terrain.  Get out of an emergency survival situation by learning how to move quickly and safely under extreme conditions.  You will learn how veterans, SOF warriors and elite guides plan and execute missions and you and your team will have more fun than you thought possible.  Join us for challenging objectives designed and led by the AOG team, and experience the thrill of going "Beyond Normal Limits". 

Teton Mountain Course

Jackson, WY

Who: For the motivated

What: 4 day Mountain Course

Where: Jackson, WY; Grand Teton National Park

When: Summer 2016


Jackson, WY and the surrounding Teton's are the perfect environment for elite training, advanced adventures and epic missions. 

Arrive motivated and ready for high adventure as you train in climbing and alpine mobility, mountain survival, operational fitness and mission planning.  In partnership with Exum Mountain Guides, the AOG Teton Mountain Course is one of a kind and was designed by a Military Special Operations veteran and a Senior Exum Mountain Guide. You can expect a few long days, lots of fun and unbelievable experiences as your team completes individual and team challenges and advances towards the final objective. The course culminates with an epic 1 day summit mission on the Grand Teton that will push your boundaries in alpine mobility, climbing and operational mindset as you learn from the best how to use SOF focus in the Teton's to experience a true Beyond Normal Limits adventure as you climb to the summit of one of North America's most iconic peaks. 

contact us for more info: brad@adventureoperationsgroup.com

" What if someday the situation is real, and I have a loved one that needs me to reach out and find that hand hold I can't see?  That would not be a good time to see what you are capable of."  Mark- AOG Teton Operator 2013

Contact us for more info: brad@adventureoperationsgroup.com

Beyond Normal Limits

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